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The mystery of the vanishing truck!

Here is an interesting story from Laguna Beach, California. Michael Otero parked his pickup truck and went inside a convenience store for a very short time. When he came back, the truck was gone! And nobody saw anyone coming in or going out. So what happened? He left his ignition key, and the truck was […]

Granny fails driving test 771 times!

A 68 year old grandmother, Mrs Cha, has failed 771 times while trying to pass the driving test. Cha is a South Korean resident. She sells food and household items door to door, and transports her goods using a handcart. She wants to pass the driving test and get a car. She has been trying […]

Scam – Google Offers Free Hosting

Did any of you receive this mail from “Google” recently? Hello, Dear Gmail customer After our free email services we offer you to sing up for our free hosting services. This service currently is in beta test. And we choose you to test this services and report us any bug you may find.We give you […]

Home Alone – with 27 dogs

Colleen Spalioni had a dog named Barney, a pointer. Barney loved her a lot, so, when Barney died in an unfortunate accident, she was really sad. Colleen looked around for another dog which looked like Barney, and found a web site where pictures of dogs in shelters are posted. As everyone knows, the dogs in […]