Home Alone – with 27 dogs

Colleen Spalioni had a dog named Barney, a pointer. Barney loved her a lot, so, when Barney died in an unfortunate accident, she was really sad. Colleen looked around for another dog which looked like Barney, and found a web site where pictures of dogs in shelters are posted. As everyone knows, the dogs in shelters are euthanized after a certain number of days. This web site posted the number of days remaining for each dog to be euthanized.

Colleen saw the photos, and hoped to pick one dog. The problem was, her husband was not there at that time. So, she went alone – and saw 27 dogs there – Chihuahuas, Jack Russell, Australian cattle dogs, poodles, shepherds, and other types. All waiting to be euthanized.

She could not bear the thought of these dogs getting euthanized – so, she brought home all 27 dogs!

However, once she was home, trouble started – neighbors started complaining about the loud barks, and rightly so.  She realized that she had taken more than she could manage. And her husband was soon due home.

Fortunately for her, a newspaper published her story online, and she has managed to give away all except four of them to other people. She hopes to finish the “Christmas giveaway” before her husband comes home!