Anna Amend the Swim Girl

Beat this: Anna Amend, nine years old girl, is a competitive swimmer . So what, huh? Well, Anna Amend, known now as the “swim girl“, has only one arm. And one of her legs does not have a knee joint. She was born with that deformity, in former USSR. Deb and Rob Amend from Colerian Township adoped her, and brought her to USA. The doctors predicted that she will never walk. She beat their predictions – with the help of a five-inch lift on her shoe, and a truck load of optimistic determination.
Anna’s parents brought her a little golden retriever/poodle mix named Hydro, a service dog, sometime back. The expectation was that he will help Anna in doing her chores, and that she will take care of him, with her customary grit and determination.
Now, Anna is swimming,  with one arm and one good leg, and she is inspiring all those who watch her swim.  Kudos, little girl!