Scam – Google Offers Free Hosting

Did any of you receive this mail from “Google” recently?

Dear Gmail customer
After our free email services we offer you to sing up for our free hosting services.
This service currently is in beta test.
And we choose you to test this services and report us any bug you may find.We give you unlimited webspace on your own domain name you must only change your dns services to and and enter your domain name in our special control panel.
Our servers are linux based and we support PHP, SSL (Secure Shell),FTP,Stats,CGI,Perl,Unlimited email address and finaly 500 MySQL Database.

Notice :
Dont sell this invitation code in auction website that may cause we disable your account in the future.

Your invitation code :URL here.

Need help ?
Google Webhosting Team

The URL, if you notice very carefully, is It is a phishing site, which was registered on 1/31/2009. It takes your password, and redirects you to Google Apps home page. You won’t even notice that something is amiss.

Yet another way to scam people into revealing the passwords of their Google accounts.